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wedding cake flavors

A wedding cake is a staple part of any wedding, and you want to make sure it’s as delicious as possible. From traditional flavors like vanilla and chocolate to new trends like lemon and berry, there are so many options out there that you’re bound to find one that fits your personal taste.

A popular choice for a classic dessert, vanilla has been the top choice in wedding cakes since at least 1960. According to a recent survey, 31-48% of couples served vanilla cake at their weddings during that time frame, but the popularity has declined in the past decade.

The number one cake flavor continues to be vanilla, though it has lost ground to red velvet and chocolate. Still, vanilla is one of the most commonly requested flavors, so it’s a great place to start when thinking about wedding cake flavors.

If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant cake that will go with almost any theme, almond is a great choice. You can get a traditional vanilla or a light and airy almond based cake with vanilla frosting, but you can also go for a layered almond cake topped with a delicious marzipan frosting for a sophisticated treat.

For a tropical-inspired cake, coconut is a classic choice. It’s light and tangy, making it a good match for any spring or summer wedding. It goes well with a variety of frostings, including vanilla, buttercream or cream cheese and works perfectly with shaved coconut on the side or cherries on top for a stunning slice cutaway.

Almond cake is another rising star in the cake game, and it’s perfect for gluten-free bakers or any bride who wants to add a nutty note to their dessert. This cake is not only delicious, but it’s easy to make vegan or dairy-free as well, which means it will be a hit with any guests that follow these diets.

Another upcoming cake trend is gingerbread, which is a popular choice for autumn and winter weddings. It’s a delicious mix of cinnamon, ginger and maple, and can be topped off with nuts for a more substantial and festive cake.

It can be paired with a sweet vanilla buttercream frosting or a salted caramel sauce and creme fraiche for an alternative option. You can even add a splash of amaretto to spice up this cake for an extra kick.

A more unexpected flavor to consider is raspberry, which has been soaring in popularity this year. This fruity flavor is a refreshing change from the usual cake flavors, and it pairs beautifully with a white chocolate cake.

The tartness of the berries is a nice contrast to the sweetness of the cake. You can use whole berries or layer them in a strawberry puree.

If you’re not sure what flavor you’d like for your wedding cake, a tasting is an excellent way to explore different options and see which ones are a hit with your guests. It’s a fun, stress-free way to decide on the right wedding cake flavor for your special day!