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wedding reception

A wedding reception is the big party at the end of your wedding day that celebrates your love with family and friends. It’s also a chance to get dressed up and show off your style, so make sure you’re putting the best foot forward in your attire. But there are other ways you can go above and beyond the usual to wow your guests and truly make them feel like part of your special day.

When it comes to weddings, timing is everything. It’s important to respond to an invitation right away—within 24 hours is ideal—and if you can’t make it for any reason, let the couple know so they can plan accordingly.

Then, when it comes time for the ceremony, it’s always a good idea to arrive on time or even a little bit early. Being punctual makes a statement that you care about your wedding, and it’s less stressful for everyone when things run smoothly.

Getting to your wedding early is also an excellent opportunity to take a look around the space and get familiar with it. This is especially helpful if you’re worried about finding parking or being stuck in traffic on your way to the venue. And don’t forget about those who may have to travel from out-of-town to attend, as they’ll need a little extra time to make it to your big day!

For those who are traveling, be sure to arrange a hospitality suite or something similar for them so they can rest before the reception. This can be in a friend’s home or at the reception venue, and it can include food, drinks and some extra sleep before they have to leave for their trip back home. This is a great way to make them feel special and also ensures they have all the info they need about your wedding day.

Your entrance is one of the first things that you’ll do as a married couple at your reception, so it’s a great place to be creative and add some drama! Think about a choreographed dance, a flash mob with your bridal party, confetti cannons, or a dramatic ride in a classic car. The key is to be unique and personal to your personality as a couple.

A few other key moments during the reception to keep in mind are the arrival of the wedding party, announcements and toasts. These typically only last about ten minutes, so be sure to save your energy and don’t overdo it!

Another fun moment is the cake cutting. This is a nice transition into the end of the wedding and helps your DJ ease into some slower songs for your last hour on the dance floor! Plus, it’s a fun way to give your guests a sweet treat. Have a few Polaroid cameras set up on the table, along with metallic ink pens and tape, and encourage your guests to write their advice, fun memories or something special to you two. Then, at the end of the night, you can collect all your messages in a cute message-in-a-bottle guest book that you can cherish forever.