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traditional wedding cake

The wedding cake is the most important dessert of all times, a symbol of love, happiness and hope. This delicious treat is also the center of many fun wedding traditions, and today’s brides can choose from an incredible variety of options for their big day.

The tradition of the bride and groom eating a bite of cake together is meant to bring good luck. Whether you smash it in each other’s faces or simply feed each other small bites with your forks, this is a sweet way to start your new life together as a unified team.

Historically, the most popular cakes were made with simple ingredients like wheat and barley to symbolize fertility and long-lasting marriages. Then in medieval times, people began stacking smaller individual cakes on top of each other until they teetered over. If the couple managed to kiss over the tower without knocking it down, it was believed they were guaranteed a lifetime of prosperity. This is where the tiered-cake tradition started.

Modern day brides can choose from a wide variety of delicious and beautiful cakes, but the most common are traditional white. In fact, white is the color most often used in wedding cakes because it represents purity and symbolizes marriage.

But not all brides want the typical white cake. For some, a little more color makes all the difference. There are numerous wedding cake recipes that incorporate a variety of ingredients and colors, allowing for more unique designs. Some of these include chocolate, fruit flavors, and even savory choices such as cornbread or scone recipes.

For more elegant designs, cascading flowers are a great option. These add a touch of drama and elegance to any wedding cake design. The key is to keep the number of flowers to a minimum and make sure they are well-matched to the overall theme.

Another cake decoration that is gaining popularity is the use of pearls or other shiny objects to add an elegant finishing touch. This is an especially nice touch for a vintage-inspired wedding.

Groom cakes are a popular wedding cake tradition that began in the South. These are typically chocolate cakes to reflect masculinity and are a nice addition to the wedding cake display. They are a great place to showcase the groom’s hobbies, individual taste and even favorite sports teams.

Back in the day, single ladies who wished for love would put a piece of wedding cake under their pillow at night. It was believed that they would dream of their future husband that night. This superstition is a bit harder to pull off with modern wedding cakes, but it’s still a fun idea for an engagement party or bridal shower.